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Brand from South Korea: THE FACE SHOP. Total no. of pieces: 30 Benefits: This Dashing Diva Magic Press Bigstone mixed soft colors and special nail art designs which are perfect for Spring. Creates a lively look with 10 designs, including 2 fmgt-only designs. This gel nail tip is thinner and lighter than existing Dashing Diva Slim Fit products, which fits more comfortably on the nails. Effortlessly complete various, high-quality nail design in a time-saving way. How to use: Tip application: 1. Use a wooden stick or cuticle pusher to push back cuticles. 2. Use the prep pad included to remove excessive oil or moisture on nails. 3. Select the appropriate size of nail tip. 4. After tearing off the transparent film at the back, align the tab to cuticle and stick it onto your nails. 5. Press the entire nail tip for 3 seconds and then slightly press it again in an outward motion from middle to the edge of nail tip. 6. Use emery board to sharpen the nail tip or add nail art if needed. Tip Removal: 1. Saturate the wooden stick with nail remover. 2. Use the wooden stick to remove the nail tip from the edge. 3. Slowly remove the remaining nail tip. 4. Finish with cuticle oil or serum.

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